Cloud App Innovation

Our Focus

CloudWize offer a comprehensive suite of solutions to help organisations drive Application Innovation, leveraging Microsoft Azure cloud-native services to achieve their business objectives.

Whether it’s assessing and optimising Azure applications, streamlining containerised application deployment with the AKS Accelerator, modernising application portfolios with the App Innovation Hub, or automating the deployment process for building a data platform with the Azure Data Platform, these services are designed to help organisations maximise the value of their investments in Azure. By aligning these services with industry standards and best practices, organisations can improve agility, scalability, reliability, security and reduce costs.

Our Approach
Our solutions are delivered using agile delivery frameworks, modern DevOps practices, and automated deployments, with a DevSecOps security-first approach ensuring that security is embedded into every step of the delivery process, enabling organisations to identify and remediate security risks early in the development lifecycle, reducing the risk of security breaches and associated costs.

Our solutions & approaches enable your organisations to accelerate the delivery of high-quality solutions, reducing time-to-market and providing faster feedback loops, driving customer satisfaction.



App Assessment

We assess your Azure applications, aligning them with industry standards and Microsoft’s Well-Architected Framework. We optimise costs, enhance performance, and ensure reliability and security. Our report outlines actionable steps to align apps with business objectives and identify innovation opportunities driving your desired business outcomes.


AKS Accelerator

Our AKS Accelerator solution simplifies containerised application deployment, featuring a Microsoft-recommended AKS reference implementation with built-in governance. Our solution streamlines DevOps workflows, delivering an on-demand platform that saves months on implementation time, empowering teams to focus on core business goals.


App Innovation Hub

Our App Innovation Hub is a comprehensive service that enables organisations to increase business agility, scalability, and reduce security risks by modernisation of application portfolio using Azure cloud-native services. We help organisations choose the best approach for modernising their application portfolio, aligning it with their business objectives. Identify opportunities for modernisation using the 5Rs of rationalisation (rehost, re-platform, and provide a roadmap for achieving their business objectives.


Data Platform Accelerator

Our Azure Data Platform Blueprint automates the deployment process for building a data platform on Microsoft Azure. Based on proven best practices and design patterns, it enables organisations to quickly deploy a platform optimised for their use case, reducing time-to-value and allowing for faster insights and decision-making. This service accelerates time-to-exploration and understanding, increasing business value.

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