Cloud Security

CloudWize stands as a reliable partner, dedicated to assisting businesses in adopting cloud-native security services that enhance their security posture while mitigating risks. Our comprehensive approach encompasses the evaluation of your existing applications, data, and infrastructure to ensure alignment with industry and Microsoft best practices.

We specialise in the implementation of cutting-edge cloud-native security features and the adoption of modern security strategies, such as Zero-Trust.

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At CloudWize, we utilise the Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework to help guide your organisation through a secure and successful cloud transformation journey. By leveraging Microsoft’s best practices and proven methodologies, we develop a comprehensive security posture tailored to your unique business requirements. This approach ensures the protection of your critical data and applications, while also enabling you to fully harness the benefits of cloud technology.

Our expertise in the Microsoft Well-Architected Framework allows us to build secure, resilient, and efficient cloud infrastructures for your business. We focus on key security principles, such as data protection, identity management, and threat detection, to ensure your systems remain robust against potential threats. By aligning with this framework, we create a strong foundation that supports your organisation’s growth and scalability while maintaining a high level of security.

Our Zero-Trust approach to security ensures that your organisation’s sensitive data remains protected at all times. By adopting the principle of “never trust, always verify,” we help you implement stringent access controls and continuous monitoring of your critical resources. This methodology ensures that only authorised users can access your sensitive information, providing a strong layer of protection against cyber threats. Trusting CloudWize with your security needs means embracing a comprehensive security solution designed to safeguard your business in an ever-evolving threat landscape.

At CloudWize, we believe in integrating security into every stage of the software development lifecycle through our DevSecOps capability. This “shift-left” approach enables us to identify and remediate vulnerabilities early in the process, reducing the risk of breaches and minimizing the impact on your business operations. By continuously monitoring and improving your security posture, we ensure that your applications and infrastructure remain secure throughout their lifecycle.



Cloud Security Assessment

Our comprehensive security assessment service helps you quickly identify gaps, align with Microsoft best-practices and understand your security posture. Using data-driven insights and prioritised remediation roadmaps, you can take a proactive approach to security, ensuring your organisation is protected from threats.


Security Improvements and Innovations

Our security remediation service is the action plan that follows our security assessment. We take into account your environment’s contextual insights, the latest cloud innovations, business impact, and cost to prioritise each security remediation and plan accordingly. Based on the data-driven insights gathered during the assessment, we leverage the latest cloud technology to reduce risk in a cost-effective way, helping you protect your environment from threats.


Azure Sentinel Accelerator

Our Azure Sentinel Accelerator is a pre-configured, cloud-native SIEM solution that provides organisations with quick insights into their security posture. With seamless connectivity to existing data sources, the Accelerator rapidly analyses vast amounts of security data from across their digital estate. The pre-built analytics rules and workbooks help identify potential threats and risks, empowering organisations to take corrective action and improve their overall security posture.

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